Some information about the Software I use.


Daminon is a DAM-System (Digital Asset Management). This Software offers the functionality of Adobe Lightroom or Fotoware Fotostation. You can either install a local Version (for free) or a Server Version, which allows you to store all your images on your Server and access it using your client computer in the same network. There is a User Functionality, you can create Tags, sort by People, Places, Geo, and many more… .


 HDRSoft Photomatix Pro 4

This Software is simply ingenious. Just insert an RAW-image and the picture will be available to edit as a fake-HDR or real HDR-Picture.

A real HDR-Picture is a Picture, where you have at least 3 pictures, which have been made as an exposure alignment. In a real HDR-Picture you have in every picture other details. This Software will than combine these pictures to one, with an enormous amount of details.

A Fake HDR is a HDR-Picture which is calculated by the Software. So the Software is trying to calculate how the details would look like, if I would have made an exposure alignment.



Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended Student and Teacher Edition 

I guess, I do not need to explain, what this Software is all about. It is simply THE Software to edit and manipulate pictures. You can do almost anything you want with this Programm.



Nik Color Efex Pro

simply a great Plugin for Photoshop.



IrfanView – Freeware Graphic Viewer

IrfanView is similar to GIMP. There is also a big advantage in using IrfanView to scailing down pictures by batch.



Akvis Nature Effects 3.0

a great Plugin to insert nautre effects, like lightnings, rai, sun and so on.



 BenVista PhotoZoom 2 Pro

With this Program it is easy to enlarge your pictures and save them.



Allway Sync

I use this Software for keep my Backup-Drives up to date.



Essential Data Tools PhotoRescue Pro

With this Software I recover lost images from Memory-Card



Adobe Photoshop Touch

This is a Version of Adobe Photoshop for the Apple iPad. It has not that much features like the PC or Mac Edition.